Each GrowSmart system is customizable and convertible according to different configurations, furthermore all our systems are designed to be limitless expandable for industrial productions. It is also possible to purchase specific accessories to improve the yield and quality of our solutions in order to implement the results.

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The GrowSmart Aeroponic Water Culture™ systems represent an innovative way of cultivate, exploiting root propagation, optimize the growth times of the cultivated product and thanks to the high levels of oxygen introduced into the system, they ensure abundant and clean harvests in record time.

Our modular configurations have been developed to be adapted to any type of space. Starting from AWC™ up to the most complex systems, it is possible to obtain the maximum yield in combination with our lighting products.

The hydroponic systems are designed and produced in Italy with first choice materials that make them reliable and customizable according to individual needs.

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With our DWC and RDWC systems it is possible to change the type of cultivation that you intend to produce easily changing the different types of lids available. Composed of satin aluminum, GrowSmart lids allow you to maintain the right temperature of the nutrient solution used without the implementation of a water chiller. Our DWC & RDWC System ensure that the plan has a very high oxygen supply to obtain clean crops and a healthy growth.


The GrowSmart range of professional lighting products offers the best lighting systems on the market. Starting from HPS and MH lamps and transformers to KIT CMH or KIT LED, all of them can be used in the same system thanks to the ZEUS MASTER CONTROLLER, which allows you to create different cultivation areas specifically lit with a single controller for both LED and HP lamps.

Our LIGHTNING TECHNOLOGY line offers a multi-year guarantee because of to the high standards of safety and quality settled in our production. All the items are subjected to strict controls before being placed on the market to secure to all our customers the security of high durability standards.

LED products guarantee a very high yield as it is equipped with the best diodes on the market.